You Got in an Accident with a Truck

yummyfood | September 5, 2014 | 0 | Law

semi rear ender webSo you and your 3,000 pound car just tried to occupy the same space as a 50,000 pound semi- trailer truck as he blew through a stop light on an Atlanta street.  Fortunately you lived albeit more than a little banged up like your car. On your way into the ambulance, you get a glimpse of your car.  That’s ugly!

And you are really ticked off!  In addition to everything else, you were on your way to a meeting with a prospective customer who can bring you a big chunk of business.  You are definitely in a getting even mood.  You call your corporate attorney who tells you that there are federal and state laws specifically designed to deal with commercial vehicles and that you should talk to a law firm with the credentials to deal with your accident.  He suggests an 18 wheeler injury lawyer and gives you the phone number of a Georgia Truck Accident Attorney.

He advises you to call them now because the trucker’s insurance company will be all over this immediately in an effort to limit their exposure. In fact, they may be on their way to the hospital to see you right now in an effort to persuade you to sign a waiver or statement which can be used to limit their liability.

You call a Georgia Truck Injury Attorney Firm and tell them that you are on the short end of an encounter with an 18 wheeler.  They will be right over. Now you start to think.

The doctor tells you that you’ll be off work for a couple of months.  What will you do about the lost income?  Who is going to pay you hospital bill and any necessary therapy?  How are you going to take care of my personal bills while you’re without income?

And then you reflect and relax.  You’re sure that your truck accident lawyer in Atlanta will have all the answers.

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